The purpose of python-pdf-analytics-client is to provide a library that would help you to automate most common PDFAnalytics using its REST API.

python-pdf-analytics-client can verify :

  • textural content, like text, font style, its location (using coordinates and page number)
  • image content based on a locally stored image (pixel-by-pixel comparison), its actual size and location in the PDF
  • pdf-to-pdf comparison, compare an uploaded PDF with a local one pixel-by-pixel, page-by-page


This example asserts there is the figure.png image on page 4 inside the demo.pdf PDF file.

>>> from pdf_analytics_client import APIClient
>>> server = APIClient(token='my_token')
>>> pdf_job = server.create_job(local_file='/Users/tester/demo.pdf')
>>> pdf_job.verify_image(local_img='/Users/tester/figure.png', top=24, left=64, page=4)


python-pdf-analytics-client has only one dependency python-requests . All the dependencies shall be installed automatically when you will install the python-pdf-analytics-client module with pip.


You may find the examples at the GitHub repository :

To run the examples you need to have registered to the site pdf-analytics and to get your token number.

To run the examples:

$ cd examples
# Install the dependecies
$ pip install -r requirements_examples
# Run the examples
$ behave -D token=<your_token_id>